Takegawa products

Anyone know if there are any differences in the superhead that Takegawa markets? They list the Stage III superhead and also the Superhead +R. I have seen several different kits available and it seems that for whatever reason the Stage III kits are more expensive, even though the +r kits offer roller rockers...:smirk:

If I can recall corectly...?


Stage 1 27mm IN 23mm EX valves, standard valve retainer, performance cam. (standard non roller)

Stage 2 27mm IN 23mm EX valves, Titanium valve retainer, race cam (standard non roller)

Stage 3 28.5mm IN 23.5 EX valves, Titanium valve retainer, Roller race cam, 3 differant cam profiles available.

Twin Spark Heads same as stage 3 above with dual spark plugs.

+R Heads Same as stage 3 above. + Roller Rockers and Improved head/valve/cam/timing chain oiling system, Revised race cam profiles unique to the +R package.

+R Heads with Twin Spark Combination of the two above.

New SCUT cylinders (not sure of the others) offer a integrated oil jet mod in the cylinder for increased, piston cylinder/wrist pin lubrication.

Big Bore Kits:

115 57mm bore (fits stock engine cases)

120 58mm bore (engine case boring required)

125 59.4mm bore plated cylinder and skirtless piston (fits stock engine cases)

136 62mm bore plated cylinder and skirtless piston (fits stock engine cases)

124 57mm bore as above with 48.??ish mm stroker crank (fits stock engine cases)

130 58mm bore as above with 48.??ish mm stroker crank (case boring required)

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What would be the downfalls of the 136cc kit if a person is not regulated by cc? The 136 kit with the +r head is offered now for $1195, which seems like a really good deal when compared to the 124cc stroker kit with the Stage III head for 1625....

The large over bore SCUT kits will have very little casting material between the cylinder studs and the bore, head gaskets as well. Personally, I'm still on the fence about the SCUT kits longevity...All-tho, the Takegawa products seem to be top notch.

I guess we won't hear about these SCUT kits until a owner chimes in with a overview. Could be you!

I sorta figured that if the BBR 120 kit was pretty reliable then the Takegawa 120 should be also. I feel the same way about the 136cc kit, as it is advertised to need no case modification....

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