2 stroke shift levers

Has anyone tried the new Driven levers yet? I just got an MSR unit and though it looks great it flexes really bad. The Driven ones look like they maybe the same, just brown in color. The stock one is strong enough, it`s the tip that stinks. Does anyone make just a tip??

I've got one on my WR 300 and its working great so far. Its also bent differently so it dosn't eat into the clutch cover.

RFX has one as well, it's probably the same lever just rebadged, I have one on my bike and I don't notice any flexing and the tip is way better

I have the Driven lever, and find it flexes ALOT

The flex, is it noticeable when your riding? Missed shifts etc.? The stock one is way stronger, but that tip sucks!!!

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