WR250 X to R conversion ?'s

I've done many searches on this topic, but can't find a answer. I have a plated 2003 WR450 with wheels and a complete front end off of a 2008 WR250X. The bike was built this way by the previous owner and performs great as a sumo. When I bought the bike I also got all of the original WR450 parts.

I want to convert the bike to an R for dual sporting using the original WR450 wheels that I already have, but I'd like to leave the 08 WR250X frontend in place so I don't have to mess with the wiring (again, I have the original WR450 front end parts if I need them). My question is how to make the front brake caliper work with the WR450 wheel on the WR250X frontend. I have already located a spacer to replace to WR odometer gear, so I'm assuming I can make wheel work, but please enlighten me if I'm wrong! Could I use the WR450 brake caliper with the X frontend? Do I need to find an R caliper? A KX caliper? Any suggestions will greatly appreciated. I'm going to sell my X wheels and caliper, so I will not be switching the wheels back and forth.

OK! Got it all back together! Ended up installing the WR450 original front wheel using a odometer removal spacer from Flatland Racing($29.95). Inserted the WR450 forks(which are quite a bit longer than the WR250X forks) into the WR250X triple trees, this allowed me to leave the WR250X DOT Glass Headlight, Handle Bars, Key Switch, Horn, High/Low Headlight Switch, front turn signals and all the wiring in place. Installed the WR450 front brake caliper and brake line which I connected to the the WR250X master cylinder and front brake lever which allowed me the leave front brake light connection in place. FYI, I did realize that the front axle diameter for the WR450 was much larger that the WR250X axle, so I'm assuming that if you ever wanted to switch from your super moto wheel to a dirt wheel you would most likely have to use a front wheel from a WR250R. The rear wheel bolted right back up to the WR450 swingarm with the exception of the rear brake caliper. The guy who did the conversion had to install the WR250X rear caliper onto the WR450 swingarm to make it work with the super moto rear wheel, but he had to do some grinding on the caliper to make it work. So, I did have to replace the WR250X rear caliper with the original WR450 rear caliper. In the end, while it seemed to work fine, I'm not sure using WR250X parts to create a WR450 super moto was the best way to do it. I'm glad to have the bike back together with it's original parts. Hopefully this information will be useful to someone out there...

that's great info.. so I could just bolt on an entire WR450 front end onto my wr250x to get a dual sport setup.. does anyone know if the later model WR450F forks are the same diameter?

So did you say that the WR450 rear caliper will in fact work with the WR250X rear wheel?

Not sure. When I bought the bike it had the X rear caliper installed which had been modified to fit. The original 450r caliper that came with the bike had been cut and grinded on so I'm assuming that it would not work with the X wheel. When I replaced the rear caliper with an original 450R unit i had already removed the X wheel so I can't answer your question...

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