kx 125 value

i have i kx 125 i want to upgrade to a 250. i was wondering how much i could get for my 2003 125. Mods


freshly replated 144cc big bore kit

strong mid range porting

new powervalves

new weisco pitson top end

fresh bottom end

v force 3

scarry fast power now slides

high flow air box mod

perfect jetting

pro cuirciut work pipe

r 304 shorty silencer

new maxxis it tires

twin air filter

pro action fork and shock revalving for 180lbs rider

stiffer springs

new plastic

renthal fat bars and pad

black tag bar clamps

aftermarket tripple clamps

new d.i.d ert2 gold chain

new renthal 52 teeth sprocket

new renthal 13 tooth front sprocket

new renthal grips

pro cuircuit seat cover

and amazing looking graphics,

A.M.A raced by the guy that had it before me

in my area prolly around 2k

any body else got some ideas

I think your gonna struggle to get 2k but that doesn't mean I don't think the bike is worth it. It seems like around here the market is flooded with 125's as everyone is looking for a 250. I picked up a clean 2003 yz 125 for $1300 last summer however I do feel that I got a good deal. You may be able to get $1500-$1600 out it.

The thing about all the mods you did to your bike is most people don't know or really care about it. Sounds like you have quite a bit into it.

Yes, I think more like the 1,500 - 1,700 range. Any stock parts you can put back on, I would do it. If you still have them, as long as it doesn't effect the appearance.

i bought it from a guy that raced it, so all i have is stock reed cage

yeah you could get 2500 max for your kx 125

i would say about 1400-2000.are you sure you want to stick to a smoker?i traded my 2006 cr85 straight across for an 03 yz250f,no more on top or anything.im sure someone who doesnt want a 4stroke anymore would trade you!but i highly doubt someone with a 250 2t would trade you.

ya you gotta love the 2 smokers

i rebuild a lot so 2 strokes are cheaper to rebuild

so do you think 2000 is a fair starting price

That 125 would probably spank a 250f. Around here you maybe be able to get $1800..I'd ask 2k obo

That 125 would probably spank a 250f. Around here you maybe be able to get $1800..I'd ask 2k obo

give a 250f equal mods and the 250f will spank that 125:thumbsup:

I wouldn't expect to get more than 1500-1600 around here. Once the snow melts maybe that will go up a little bit.

2k around here would never happen.... no matter what it has or where it's been. You

Are looking at around 15-1700 bux. That is the reality on an 8 year old 125.

That 125 would probably spank a 250f. Around here you maybe be able to get $1800..I'd ask 2k obo

ya the buy i bought it from got 2nd over all in some state wide motocross point series

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