Vor flywheel puller?

Hey all

Does anyone know where I can get a flywheel puller tool for my VOR 503, or alternatively if the other bike co. Eg: ktm, husky, have one that matches the Vor and how much it could or would be?

I'm in Australia too so it might have to be posted if it comes from US of A or UK. Thanks

who makes the ignition for vor? stator under the flywheel or not? dry or wet?

It is a wet one, the stator is mounted to the ignition cover no the engine.... And the Ignition I think is by ducati. Hope that helps narrow it down...

near as i can tell, it looks like the ones i had for a husaberg sem (99-03) or the 04 -up kokusan. the sem is 26mm across. don't have the 04 up anymore. measure the width and thread pitch, go to the motion pro website and go shopping.

Sweet! thanks for the info, I will do. Here's to hoping.

I've got one at the shop. I bought it at the local KTM dealer, so it fits something they have. Ping me directly (don't know when I'll get back here) if you have trouble finding one and I'll measure the one I've got for you. email is dave *at* stmsuspension *dot* com.

As a side note, the ignition is made by Ducati Energie-something. Nothing to do with Ducati the motorcycle manufacturer. Believe me, I tried.

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