Camping in in Hatfield McCoy area


Where should a dirtbike rider from Michigan plan to camp and ride in the Hatfield McCoy trail system in early April. We would be camping in a motorhome and all riders are on dirt bikes. Would like to stay in the area for three or four days of riding and camping. All suggestions will be welcomed.

Check out

If you are looking for technical single track then you need to checkout Buffalo Mountain Trails of Hatfield McCoy. Buffalo Mountain has the most single track mileage. There are 10 more miles of single track and 23 miles of ATV trails currently being added. These trails should be on the map by the beginning of April. I help with the mapping and design of the new trails on Buffalo Mountain.

Buffalo Mountain trails right now only has 2 places for a camper.

1) Just park at the Matewan Trailhead. The only trailhead with showers. No RV Hookups.

2) Riverside point cabins and RV park. Near the town of Delbarton.

The largest and best campgrounds are:

1) Twin Hollow Campground - Rockhouse Trails

2) Ashland Resort ( - Indian Ridge Trails

I own the Blue Goose Inn which is located in the town of Matewan on the Buffalo Mountain trails. If you stay at the Matewan trailhead, I sell trail permits and token for the showers.

Buffalo Bill gave you good ideas, I am probably going back early this april, went last year and stayed at twin hollow for the rockhouse trails in gilbert, highly recommended. I will have an ATV in my group this year, and may go back to twin hollow or try ashland for the indian ridge trails.

Buffalo MTN is the best trailhead for technical and single track, rockhouse had some good single track trails, just not a lot of mileage, it didn't take long to cover it all. As Bill eluded to Buffalo MTN had the most, and with the new additions, will be head and shoulders above the other in that category.

Another recommendation for

Access to Indian Ridge & Pinnacle Creek systems right from your front door. With the new Pocahontas system opening sometime this spring, there'll be a couple hundred miles + to cover without needing to trailer your bikes. Not the best destination for singletrack, although there's some decent stuff. Plenty of "Outlaw" trails to be had there as well. If you want outright mileage, this place is the ticket.

I went down there a few years a ago with my girlfriend on atv's and we had a great time! You'll enjoy it and its a pretty cheap trip!

Twin Hollow Campground rocks. People are nice. Wish I could pick it up and take it to all the different trail systems.

im excited, a couple buddies and i are traveling from northeast ohio and are gonna be staying at a lodge at rockhouse trail on april 7-10. i cant wait

im excited, a couple buddies and i are traveling from northeast ohio and are gonna be staying at a lodge at rockhouse trail on april 7-10. i cant wait

Are you stating at Big Bear Lodge in Gilbert? If so I just stayed there last week and we had a blast. We rode Rock House on Saturday and Sunday and the riding was great especially the black trails.


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