Any on ride at Two Rivers (Milliken)?


I've been to VDR a whole bunch of times and would like to try another track just for variety. I noticed two rivers track is only a few miles from VDR anyway, has anybody ridden there? What did you like/not like? Are they open as often as VDR? Their website is not very good and none of the links seem to work.


Due to neighbors 2 Rivers has some odd hours. You need to check with their phone I think to get the good hours. The track is a fun track, some long table tops and great dirt, they are always putting mulch into it.

Rex is right. It's a really fun track and flows pretty well. The hours are strange but worth it if you can get out there.

They are usually open weds at 3pm and sun at noon when the weather is nice. As stated above track is fun with good dirt. Call before you haul

Anyone have their number? Their website appears to be down unless they've moved to a new web address?

two rivers number is


let us know what you hear

Got their answering machine which had a message saying they are open tomorrow at 3:00. I'm debating wether or not I'll just go to VDR instead, as I can be there all day for $15, or at two rivers for only 2 hours of sunlight after 3, for the same price . . .

yep aclimbatize

I know that question, somehow I always end up at vdr

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