2001 YZ250F green sticker in CA?!(bought in UT)

Hey everyone.. I just bought an 01 yz250f out here in utah with the intent to ride it in CA over the summer. Im here in Utah for school and bikes here are a lot cheaper than in CA. I bought the 01 for the purpose that it will be a green sticker in CA. I still have my CA license so im trying to avoid registering it in UT(dont want to change my license). I have heard different things that decide if a bike is a green or red sticker. 03 and later mx bikes are red, and 02 and earlier are green. THEN i heard that it all depends on whether the 8th digit in the VIN is a 'C' or '3'?!?!?! So the real question is....my bikes VIN has a '3' in the 8th spot BUT its an 01 yz250f. I know its an 01 based on the 10th spot in the VIN. If anyone knows that would be great before i head out to CA and get red stickered by the gay dmv!:smirk: thanks!!

2002 and earlier = green sticker.

2003 and later = red for most mx bikes, green for many off-road bikes

Cool thanks! So the 8th digit of the VIN doesn't matter for 2002 and earlier mc bikes?

no yu will definitely have a green sticker

Not all areas here in cal require green sticker year round. The area I ride allows red sticker in the summer so check where you want to ride. But being an 01 you're good 2 go!!

Thanks! I know not all places require green sticker, but I live in Folsom and get to prairie city in 10 min so I ride there if I'm not riding hangtown or the mx track out in marysville.

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