Do you like a trials tire on your CRF230?

I need some tires and I'm trying to decide between the IRC trials rear or the Bridgestone M23 rear. I've got the IRC on my XR250 and boy does it stick like they say, it's a great tire for rocky hard surfaces. Just curious how you guys like trials tires on your 230's.


I don't have a CRF230 but I do have a Dunlop 803 on my XR200 and RM. I chose the Dunlop because of a stiffer sidewall than the Michelin X and it was a radial like the X. No more knobbies for me!

MT43 on a 230 is like cheating. It will climb a vertical wall.

MT43 here. Use the bike as a dual sport and the MT43 is DOT legal. Nice smooth ride on the road (as opposed to a knobby tire) plus in the dirt I can single track the bike with ease.... tons of grip. Love the tire. :smirk:

x3 on the mt43

I'm in the :smirk: and i'm due for a new rear tyre

If i decide to try out these MT43's on the rear is there a matching tyre for the front wheel?.

I currently use Michelin AC-10's F+R but lots of the routes we go on are stoney based and with quite a lot of tarmac roads connecting them together. I did have a trials tyre on my previous 450x which was great on the stoney tracks but rubbish on the grassy bits.



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