rear brake caliper guard

I broke the stock plastic guard and want to upgrade. I see that works connection makes an aluminum one that offers good side protection but not alot of protection on the top of the caliper. Are there any other manufacturers out there that make a better guard? Or any other options?

The works connection one works just fine, I put my through hell on a regular basis.

i talked with a guy at BRP and he said to stick with the stock one because the aluminum ones might bend and contact the caliper, if you didn't notice it was bent it could cause undo wear to the brakes. At least the stock ones bend and snap back into shape and if they brake then it did its job and you get a new one

I snapped my plastic one completely off leaving me with zero protection. All the stock guards that Yamaha provided have done very little in the way of protection. I have around 500 race miles with the aluminum caliper guard without any problems.

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