110/90x19 756 tire fit on a 2010 450?

I'm thinking it will but dont know for sure. I wouldnt think it would be too narrow would it.

Reason I ask is the 110/90's are a little cheaper than the wider sized tires.

The owners manual says that they run that size in Europe but I dont know if they run a narrowor rim than the ones in the states like the one I have.

I found that it would work. Maybe even be a little better in the ruts than 120/80 thats on there.

Since I'm on here i will go ahead and ask. About how many hours can you get out of an RK chain,the GBMXZ?

Mine has 30 hrs on it and measured the length of it (16 rollers) and it was still in spec,it still had about 2mm of stretch left.

FWIW....I think a 110-756 has more traction than a 120-756. Also the 120-756 keeps pulling knobs off.

Is that because it digs down to the firm soil faster or a more aggressive tread?

The 2008 model was the first YZ450F to come with the 120. Up until then all the 450's sported 110's. They did not change the wheel size when they started putting on the bigger tire.

I still prefer the 110 and that is what I put on mine.


I like a 110 in muddy and deeeep ruts.

I believe I will start running the 110/90's on mine cause come to think of it I seemed to go through the ruts better when I had that size on.

the 756 is on sale @ rocky mountain mc for 29 plus shippin

Thanks! ...... I bought two of em.

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