wat to use to measure fork oil?

just as the title says. wat do u guys use to measure fork oil? ive read to use graduated cylinders but dont know where to find that at? and manual says to measure in cc's. any other way to measure? or wat does 350cc's (example) equal to in say ml?

350cc's = 350ml.........yeah, duh... I know.

I spent a half an hour searching for an answer to that same question once.

Oil level is usually stated as a value in millimeters anyway.

MotionPro makes a syringe with a tube for measuring the oil level from the top. Set the distance, (usually 120-140mm on big bikes). insert into bled & fully compressed fork (no spring).

Pull the syringe til' it sucks air. You're done. You can make one with a syringe, some fuel line, and a wiretie.

Use a graduated cylinder, not a ratio rite! Cylinder is an accurate way to measure the fluid amount.

I use a ratio rite

1 cc = 1 ml

I've got a Motion Pro oil level syringe and that only works on single chamber forks. Twin chamber forks go by volume, cc/ml. I had a '06 WR450 with old style forks with the rebound on top and the compression on the bottom. You compress the fork fully with no spring, fill with oil, set your gauge, and suck oil until you get air, then your done. Thats the way I do it anyway.

I use a Ratio-rite. I figure it's close enough for my work.



On double chambers I use a ratio rite for wet forks as well, it's more than close enough since you really are just taking an educated guess (even using the graph in the manual) on how much oil is coating the insides during a change.

Even for dry forks after a rebuild the ratio rite is damn close and should be fine for all except a national champ and those $80g forks that might really notice a 1 ml difference.

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