Think I have a carb problem??????

I have a 2003 525exc that has not been used much in the last 4 years. Last time I rode it it was running like shit. I knew the valves were in bad shape so I rebuilt the the top end. I also cleaned the carb and jets but I might have missed cleaning some thing in their. The bike starts and idels but when you try to give it a little gas and take off it dies. When you are going down the road it runs good. It just tries to die when you take off. I am going to try taking the carb compleatly apart and clean it again.

Any other advice???


FULL carb clean, new plug, new plug cap , and check the air filter!

Check your a/c pump. Could just be a stuck a/c rod or bad a/c diaphram. If its the diaphram, good time to upgrade to the honda diaphram (reduces the a/c squirt time to approx 1 sec.).

Thanks for the advice. I am going to take the carb apart Monday.

I have a 2003 525exc that has not been used much in the last 4 years

That statement, and loss of bottom end performance are screaming for a pilot jet replacement.

I have found that spraying the brass does not always work (especially the pilot jet). I take out all the brass bits and soak them overnight in carb cleaner. The "clean" looking jets will usually turn the clear cleaner yellow. Lots of gunk left.



As already mentioned, check the AP fuel squirt. What you want to see is a nice, strong but short, roughly one second squirt.

Yep, I wouldn't be surprised if the ap nozzle in the carb bore is plugged. Just a guess though.

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