X-Ring Chain with O-Ring Masterlink?

No luck with search (Google or TT). In the past I have usually purchased o-ring chains for my bikes and picked up an extra x-ring really cheap from a local dealer. Brand new chain but didn't come with a masterlink, clip or rivit style. I have a good stock of o-ring masterlinks (clip) and plan on putting the that x-ring on my bike for the new season and was wondering what you guys thought about just using what I already have. Correct me if I am wrong, but everything should be the same (fit wise) besides the style of sealing the chain bearing for just that one link, right? I don't want to use a rivet link or left over link for a masterlink due to making often gear changes, etc... Discuss.

CLIFFS: Have an x-ring chain and o-ring masterlinks. I'm curious to know if I can run them together without issue.



most of the xring chains come with a o ring masterlink to start with, i know my last DID i put on did atleast

I would double check to make sure there's not a masterlink on your chain. That's very uncommon on an X-ring

Looked 3 times.

Anyone else?

You should be able to run the o-ring link no problem. It will just be the weakest link in the system so to speak, but easy to keep an eye on it.

use a rivet on 0 ring master link and you will be fine

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