97' DR350s questions & issues.

HI! New guy around here and wanted to ask a couple questions about an issue I had w/my 97' DR350s today...

I was riding and everything was great and then my bike just cut out, seemed as it wasn't getting gas to the carb. It would not start again.

Things I have recently done:

-Cleaned carb & jets

-New plug

-Fresh oil

-Fresh filter

I check the petcock today and it almost seemed like it was blocked. I've heard of the OEM ones being junk but do they usually clog up & restrit gas flow or is that another issue?

2nd, I switched the blinkers on my bike ot Lockhart & P. lights and they onl blinked when I had my OEM front ones installed still. When all four aftermarket lights installed they dont blink at all and stay lite. The shop said the bulb inside ''should be'' the same but Im wondering if I need to put a relay in or what?

Any help would be great and thanks for reading!

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