Introducing my self-just got my first YZ250

I'm a little newer here. I don't really have any questions. I'm just looking for congratulations and maybe tips or ideas if you have any. I've scoured the posts here and I don't think there is a lot left to say...

I am 26. I live in Idaho and love riding single track. I have owned: KLR 250 (oops...) 99' KDX 220 (a little better) 03' KTM 300MXC, 07' KTM 300 XC-W, 08 KTM 300 XC with Dicks Racing suspension (incredible!). Finances have been a little tight so I was looking for the best bang for the buck. Bought a 2004 YZ250 from a buddy that needed to sell to pay some bills. I had helped him pick the bike originally. Still has the original front tire on it. No joke. I had him put hand guards, skid plate, big tank, and an x-ring chain. Everything else is stock. He rode it maybe 7 times and now its mine. I actually bought it over the phone thinking it was the 05' with the alum frame... oops but oh well.

Here is what I've done so far getting it ready for springtime in Idaho:

Big bars with risers and my bike bonz that have been through the last 4 bikes

GTYR 9oz flywheel

new plastics and stickers (just needed the new bike feel...)

magura hydraulic clutch from ebay

front and rear suspension being revalved by a local friend

I can't wait to ride! From riding it around the neighborhood and what I have read online, I think the 300s are more capable for what I do BUT the YZ will be more fun.

Any other ideas for good little mods? Budget is pretty much tapped out. I'm thinking the RB designs head mod might be best bang for the buck but I want to ride it more. It feels like the motor on this thing builds revs really quickly even with the flywheel... I'm really impressed with it so far... But a little nervous about the motor(remember I'm used to being able lug the 300 and ride it like a big trials bike)

have a look at the timing thread in the stickies, retarding the beast will calm things down a bit. I run mine at 5 BTC. Otherwise check jetting and maybe drop 1-2 teeth off the rear sprocket.

What area of the I DE HOE trails do you ride?

I'm in Pocatello. So south east. We go all over central idaho in the summer though. Where are you at?

I had toyed with the idea of gearing it up a little to smooth the power out more. The motor is soooo crisp that I think it would pull a little taller gearing. I need to get this thing in the mountains for some testing...

I'd like to hear a ride report once you've done some single track on her. I'd really like to be a KTM rider (since they've got the most updated 2 smokes), but I just CAN'T get along with the ergos and suspension action. I was literally born with a Yamaha between my legs and don't get along with much else. Would be interested to hear how the conversion between orange and blue goes.


Hi there

+1 enjoy and ride it a few hours till you start to mod it. Once you are used to the kicking of the powerband you might like it. I love it but needed some time to get used to it. :smirk:



Best advice right there ^ get used to it or at least put a few hours on it before you start changing the powerband. If you know whats coming and have good throttle control its not hard to ride at all.

I'm in Pocatello. So south east. We go all over central idaho in the summer though. Where are you at?

Based in Boise, ride ALL parts of the state.

North and East of you, ride elevations of 2,500 to 8,000 mostly mountains. You will notice the difference from the KTM, but you have ridden enough (I'm making an assumption) to make up for that after a couple of rides. I would start with stock gearing and try that, the abruptness will soon fade in your memory. You will get all kinds of advice for gearing, but for me the stock or a 51 on the rear works well for the elevation changes we experience in the mountains. I lug mine alot, not as much as you could with the 300, but it will surprise you at how low it will go before stalling, then just fan the clutch a couple of times and away you go.

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