rm85 cold weather jetting?

ok guys so i have a 2004 suzuki RM85 that is currently jetted #45 pilot jet and #125 main jet with the clip on the needle in the 3rd slot.

im running boyesen power reeds, an fmf shorty silencer, and wiseco piston (idk if the piston could effect it or not).

im not sure what the elavation is but temps have been in te 20-40 degree range, humidity in the 60-80% range

the type of riding is trails/and wide open fields/and the bike is going to be used for MX so i mainly want MX jetting.

running issue is i think lean, its bogging out real bad and when i take off i have to rev it thru the roof and keep it reved or it bogs.

i have a race coming up on march 5th so i may be warmer/less humid but i would like at least an outline of the jets ill need to race my guess is it will be in the 30-50 maybe 60 degree range. if its 50-60 degrees the current jetting should work shouldent it?

well anything helps i realy wont have time to mess with jetting the day of the race so i need it narrowed down a lil

thanks in advance



Your manual should have a chart for jetting which will give you all of the numbers for changes.

i dont have a manual, and dont have the money for one....

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