Yamaha Grizzly 450 EPS


Anyone have any experience with the EPS system on the Yamaha Grizzly 450?

I'm thinking of replacing my 96 Polaris Explorer 400 with a Yammie.

I mostly use it for laying out courses and hauling tools around.

Thanks! Awesome review.

Review: http://www.atvrideronline.com/quads/1012_atvp_2011_yamaha_grizzly_450_4x4_eps/index.html

Just can't seem to warm up to any rubber band drive, myself!

Well your just missing out man. The yamaha belt drives are tight all the time. No slip should happen. I have had my grizz in gas tank deep muddy water and never ever had any problems. I've pulled trailers climbed steep hill etc no trouble ever. I used to be like you when I owned honda. I was misinformed and just plain stupid. I really liked my honda, but after having power steering, front locker and irs it really opened my eyes as to what is out there and its every bit as reliable as my honda. It rides better, goes deeper, pulls farther, goes farther, etc. Only thing my honda did better was climb steep hills cause it was closer to the ground.

I grew up on Honda ATV's, and now my favorite in my garage is my Grizzly 550 EPS. It's a cadillac ride with more than enough power and my arms don't get tired through ANY terrain. EPS is like an active steering dampener. It takes out all the harsh feedback from rocks and potholes, but still gives you the "feel" of the trail. The only people that don't like it are the ones that haven't tried it.... :thumbsup:

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