might be getting a 99 XR200R


i emailed the guy about that, offering him my 04 CRF80F for it (since he said he would trade for an XR80) i just wanted to know is there any problems with them, like recalls or are they good reliable bikes? also how powerfull are they compared to an 85cc 2 stroke? im just looking for a nice trail bike since im going to use my RM85 for MX. i have a good fealing about it tho, iv only had good experiance with honda bikes. i just wanted to make sure.

thanks in advance.

Sometimes they had issues with the timing chain tensioner - mine did, but it is a fairly rare issue. Camshaft bearings are another problem spot, but as long the oil has been changed regularly and the screen cleaned it shouldn't be a problem.

85 Two-Strokes will usually keep up with CRF150Rs, which have more power than XR250s, so the power really will not be comparable to an 85 at all.

oh, well then i probly wont get it

I know this is an old thread, but I beg to differ. An xr200 will smoke a crf150 anyday, while also being a few pounds lighter. And my friend has an rm80 and my xr200 will outrun his without too much of a problem. However, my other friends yz125 will outrun my 200 by a fair amount. Hope this helps

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