06 sxf brakes

Hey im having troubles getting my front brakes bled on my 06 sxf 250. I have fluid all the way through but i cant get any pressure built up. I replaced the piston on the master cylinder by the hand lever. I have never had this much trouble bleeding brakes. Anyone have any ideas why this would be happening?


try tying the lever to the handle bar over nite with a zip tie. This will aloow any bubbles to rise up n out to the resevoir. Make sure the bike is leaned to the left and the bar turned so the MC is at a high point to make it work.

ok ill give that a shot. anyone else have any ideas if this doesnt work?

Remove the caliper and have a friend (or whomever you find for the task) to keep it higher than the MC while you bleed the thingie. He needs to crack the bleeder bolt open/close it while holding the caliper high up. Works every time-at least all those times i´ve done it..

will try that also! thanks

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