07 ttr 125

Hi My daughters ttr125 is giving me a little bit of a fit.

The bike is stock with the exception of adding spacers behind the exhaust cap to allow a little better breathing. 3 1/2 in holes in the air box cover and a

Jet kit to help the extremely lean original state. Sorry but im dont know the jet numbers. The problem is unsmooth idling and a severe eratic cutting out aat full throttle.I have tried going both richer and leaner on the main jet and it made no noticable difference in the issue.

Not sure whitch way to go from here any ideas would be a big help.


if it set up for as little as a month you need to clean the pilot jet then thank the tree huggers for ethanol


That was the first thing I did. I hate that crap. I cleaned the carb (pilot was clogged) drained fuel and replaced it with a fresh mixture of 1/2 pump gas 1/2 100 oct race gas. not for the octane but it seems to last much longer than pump gas. It does loose its top end but it has worked well in the past.

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