KX250F wheelie, snatching up clutchless in 3rd..

I know no helmet.. Illadvised, things happen.. enjoy

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embedded player didn't show up

sick wheelie man. next time put on a helmet though!

Wheelie - 10 points

Common sense - 0

riding high,no helmet,on a street...very stupid thing to do.but nice wheelie!!

Darwin award soon to come

dude the willy was average at best shame it would have bean a contender if you had a helmet on dumb move bad thing can happen at times when you least think it will

go thru the gears!

Darwin Award

Are you wearing crocs?

Looking forward to your "skin grafts suck" thread. :smirk:

Are you wearing crocs? they looked like riding boots of some sort,if so they were probably next to his HELMET when he grab 'em.....

Awesome wheelie.

He's not wearing crocs.....they look like a pair of raodrace boots. A-stars maybe?

But race boots, but no helmet? I'm confused by that.

Ya if you had crocs on that would have been stupid.

Ya if you had crocs on that would have been stupid.

Yeah, it's the Crocs that would've totally made it unsafe and dangerous.


busted old street boots, def not crocs, rather HAVE fallen on my head than own a pair.. on another note, whether you come off running or fall flat on your face your feet will hit hard! i'm obviously not someone to take advise from but people in a helmet, jacket, gloves, and nike's seem retarded to me. seen more ankle and knee injuries than anything. worst accident i've ever seen the person didn't even come off the bike but came in contact with lug nuts on a box truck's front wheel on the interstate, almost lost his leg.. oh yeah, a-stars is right, good call!?

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