Anyone know a good shop in SCV/SFV/Ventura for old road bike?


A guy I know has a 1980 Kawasaki KZ900. He says it ran OK at one time, but it has been sitting for quite a while. Probably needs everything-tires, fluids, pads, carb overhaul, etc, etc. He's not a hand-on guy and needs a reliable local place to do it all.

Anyone here know a good place in Santa Clarita/San Fernando/Ventura areas where he can get this work done? He's in Santa Clarita.

Thanks very much for your suggestions...:smirk:

If there are any major repairs on a 31 year old bike, I'm not sure where to go. If it is like you say and there is just some TLC and maintenance, MadJack Racing is in your area. He does all kinds of major bike and engine work on modern bikes, as well as race prep.

or look in craigslist under motorcycles. there is a guy that converts bikes to cafe racers. it sounds like he works on old bikes. he's in northridge.

NP4M and DirtAddict-

Thanks for responding! I'll check those out.

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