Trail Ride Flat Repair

Can I just carry a front tube to use for a flat on the rear?

I thought I have heard this somewhere before. Anyn input or experience?

Welcome to TT.

Front tube will work for a temp rear tube, common practice.

The goal is to assess the risk of different failures on your ability to get out of the woods, and then carry appropriate spares. Where I ride I seldom have flats and I can ride out on a flat so I don't carry tubes but I do carry a small tire pump for low tires. Since I installed bark busters I no longer break levers so I no longer carry those. Although I've never had to stay overnight, on long rides I carry supplies for an overnight stay. etc

Yes front tube can be used. I have done it. You could also carry a small can of fix a flat . I had a flat and used it till I got home but got lazy and left it alone lasted more than half the season until I put a ne tire on. Only works on very small holes.

I used tire slime in my tires and so far in two years haven't had a problem with flats. I forget the name of the one i used but it's grey and has little black chunks in it, it's not the green stuff. Cheap insurance. The thought of having to change a tube in the woods (or even on the side of the road) is something i don't want to think about. To me taking wheels off is a pain even in the garage, with a stand and the right tools.

We use front tunbes all the time front or rear....its the best way to go. just carry the basic cheap, thin kind so its easy to pack ( its temporary to get you out). i have used them in the biggest of rear knobbys with no problem.


What about an insta-inflate?

I know they gum up the insides, but for someone who doesn't know how to change a tire I think it's a good idea to get you back to camp.

I hate to change tires in the shop even, so I am torn about using a front in the rear since it means you will have to redo it when you get home again. Of course you have to carry two tubes then.

I have also ridden out on flats before.

One of my mountain bike buddies told me on mountain bikes they sometimes cut the tube in half and tie a knot in each end to seal the tube, then pack grass in the void left where the tube isn't anymore. Would have never thought of that myself, but it sounds like a viable alternative for motorcycles too.

Thanks for all the info. For my long trial rides I will definately carry a front tube. And for the shorter range ones I will just have to determine the risks.

I cant remember the last time I had a flat out on the trail, maybe ten years ago, and I did just limp back to the truck. Back in those days I didnt't think or care about the damage that might occur to my wheel. Now I am a little more cautious about having to replace expensive parts.

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