Froont tire recommendations for '06 YZ250?

Figured I would tap into the collective's wisdom here.

Last year I put matching Dunlop MX51's on my '06 YZ250. The rear is great...but the front seems very squirrelly and prone to slide out on corners more, compared to the older Dunny the bike had come with. The reviews I have read (MXA specifically), were not very enamoured with a 51 on the front, and my experience seems to bear that out.

So, I'm looking to replace the MX51 with something better early this spring, before our riding season starts. No huge rush, since we're snowed in up here right now, and it'll be a couple of months before we can ride again, and then only if we're lucky and get an early spring thaw.

Cost is not an issue...I just want a good all round tire. I ride trails, some single track technical stuff. Bit of mud, but not much, though I do intend to go out of my way to practice on the goopy stuff more this coming season. And I do enjoy riding track sometimes. Probably an intermediate level rider, intermediate terrain. Kinda want an "all round" tire, that's pretty good for pretty much everything.

So....what would you guys recommend and have had good results with on the front end of a 250?

I've heard the Bridgestone 403 is a good tire. Some like Pirelli Scorpions. And Michelin has the S3, if memory serves.

Also, any good sources for a set of wheels for front and back? I'ld love to get a decent used (or new if the price is low enough) set of spare wheels, so I could stud some older tires for winter riding in the snow.


Can't wait till the spring thaw, even though changing out the winter air back to summer air in the skins is such a pain! :smirk:

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I'm about to put the Pirelli front on mine in the next couple weeks, the same as you, I don't expect the snow to be gone all that soon. We have a lot of sandy trails here and the consensus seems to be that the Pirelli front handles it well, we shall see in a couple of months. Best of luck to you whatever you decide on.

I'm in the same boat as you right now.

Liked my mx51 rear, moderate wear and maintained traction even as it became rounded,

but the front is another story. On the track in intermediate conditions it was fine with good wear.

As soon as the ground went to hard pack/blue groove, it started to wash on me and get squirrely.

Then I took it on some high speed off road-desert-sand-hardpack and you can see the blocks starting to crack and tear.

So for the front, I'd say as long as you stay in the intended soil type with the mx51, you're ok.

Go to hardpack or soft dirt-sand top with hard under ( and the blocks will start to tear and it becomes less predictable.

There are multiple people who've related they had some wash problems with the mx71 as well, so personally, I'm looking outside Dunlop for now.

Obviously tire choice is one of those gray area preferrence things, but here's my .02.

For your slightly softer but all-around environment like mine(, I'd say the Bridgestone 403/404, Pirelli MXMS or Michelin M12/XC.

They all benefit from less chunking/tear than the mx51 yet have similar life and better predictability.

If someone were going to be in more of a terrain ie. more dirt/sand with a hardpack underneath, (watch the races with people scratching their heads)

I'd go 603/604, MXMH or MH3 and maybe a M12XC.

The Michelins seem to last slightly longer, Bridgestones seem to stick slightly better, but splitting hairs at that point.

They're all good and at that point sales and availability could be the driving factor.

Looking at the Bstone 403 on the front and I can't believe it has me thinking this may be my favorite tire since the Scorpion Pro (not the XT version).

I'm a big 403 fan as well. 404 too. They have excellent grip and great wear.

I run Michelin S-12 or Michelin Trials tires for rears. My absolute favorite front tire that lasts and performs for all situations is the Michelin MS-3.

been running for the past few years now Kenda Washougal Stickie's after running d756's and S12's they easily handle like the D756's. My friend was running washougal's then got the mx 51's and within the first few rides on the 51's front end wash out's. Unless dunlop does something drastic i'm not buying them so far thier new tire line is real hit n miss.

I've tried the 51 on my '03 250 and feel the same as you. However, my experience with the D952's on the front (and rear) have always impressed me. I'll be swapping the front this year back to my tried and true 952. It just plain works and is very predictable.

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