Issues with TT website: MyWebFace or PlaySushi banner

OK, so this has been happening to me alot lately and I wanted to see if anyone else was having these issues. Usually when switching pages within a given thread, I'm redirected to MyWebFace website and then I have to hit back quickly twice (if I only do it once it'll simply reload the MyWebFace page! This is so annoying. Also, it seems sometimes when I hit the back button on my browser, the screen just flashes (particularly the banner at the top of the page for PlaySushi) and it doesn't go back. I have to hit back 2-3 times fast to go back a page. These issues only happen on the TT site.

I was going to send an email to MyWebFace to ask why this was happening, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't a virus or something. Also sent an email to TT, but they never got back to me...

I hate to say it, but if I don't figure this out, I'm going to have to stop using TT for a while...

Sounds like a virus?

Yea, sounds like a virus to me. Never had anything remotely close to that happening while using TT or any other website for that matter. A lot of those free online game websites have a lot of pop ups like that too.

what are you running for anti virus? if its norton or mcaffe that's your first problem there are alot of free solutions that are much better than those. If you already have one of these or another anti virus than run a scan. if it doesn't work I would download either avira antivir or avg free and run a scan they may be able to fix your problem.

Clear your cookies, goto your contol panel/internet options/ privacy/popup blocker settings and have a look what is allowed from what site, run a full indepth virus scan and full indepth windows defender scan, try this for starters, there is more then meets the eye here.

Do this for starters and Ill help you along to other things to check.

Do not run smart scan's, because they are stupid, run in-depth or full or what ever your av calls a full scan.

OK, I'll look into some more. I have McAfee so I'll run a scan. Already cleared my cookies and checked my privacy levels. Thanks everybody!

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