sorry if im putting this thread or post or whatever u call it in the wrong place but im still new to this...i am currently living in california rite now and have a great intrest in endurance racing thru the woods/ desert like the worcs series and i konw that runs the western states such as cali montana arizona ect. BUT i am soon moving out of cali and ither staying in a western state like montana or oregon which i will end up running worcs...but there is a chance that i am moving to west virginia (never been) this summer meaning i would run the torcs? this is what i need help do i go about getting all the info i would need to run these whole series of races...i tried google just got bunch of articles...about how much would it cost...if i did move east such as WV what series would i be looking to race that would move me in the direction of making a name for my self and earning sponsors...also has anyone ran the erzberg rodeo extreme enduro befor? looks like loads of fun...i also want to run that next year but thats a whole nother story...just looking for some general info really want to take enduro racing seriously in 2012 ...hardcore training is presently going on as we speak in 2011 and i may run a race or 2 this year just to get an idea of what to expect from my compedators because i know its a whole nother ballgame not being the normal "MOTOCROSS" style of racing...if it helps im 23 years old and i ride a 2011 KTM 250 exc two stroke and i love it BRAAAAP! thanks for the help guys... i apreciate it

also...any other tips any one would like to throw out there about anything that would help in all ears...or eyes haha ...

If your in Montana, look up That's our Cross-Country race series. Back East, you can check out the GNCC series. Maniac

Why are you moving to WV?


im moving to take a good job opportunity ...but im hesitent because i personaly have never been there but my girlfriends family lives there so im kinda trusting her judgment

if i ran the montana series ...i just checked that out...i could probly run it this year because the plan is to move befor or on april 1st...but what class do i run...i want to earn points and get a real idea of how fast the fast guys are ...if i run a 250 two stroke can i run the 250 class?(lites class) or do i run with the 450s? and should i regester early it says max 250 racers...just some general info would help thanks

im moving to take a good job opportunity ...but im hesitent because i personaly have never been there but my girlfriends family lives there so im kinda trusting her judgment

Cool. Good luck w/ the job. My advice is to take a trip to WV before you move there and check it out to make sure you won't hate it. I have been to WV 4 times, I haven't seen too much of it but from what I saw I wouldn't want to live there. Too remote for me.


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