arm tiredness

hi there i hope someone can help ive been riding bikes since i was 9 (13 now) and i got my first 2stroke about a year ago a 1991 yz 125.mostly used in fields except when me and a friend went to a track for the first time and my arms got so tired that i couldnt pull the clutch in after about 20mins of riding.what can i do to help me ride for longer?it was wide open nearly all the track and i wasnt used to it.does weights help?

hope someone can understand what i mean and help.


You are just out of shape. The track does that to people. Just ride more and your arms

will naturally get stronger.

im not really used to wide open all the all i can do is ride more?

Increase your muscular endurance.

Firstly by increasing cardiovascular fitness. Rowing is very good,it works the upper body the same way riding does.

You can get fit by riding,Joel Robert did,but bike maintenance gets expensive.

increase your cardio to help with your circulation and get good blood flow ... make sure you warm up before you ride stretch and run . get yourself one of those spring lever things that you squeeze and let out supposed to build forearm strength . but dont do reps with them just squeeze them in and hold for as long as you can cuz it mimicks holding handlebars. time yourself switch hands and do over again. i find its the best exercise cuz you can do it when watching tv or surfing computer . try and get up to 18 mins in each hand or however long your motos are plus a few mins

When I don't have time to go up north and ride off road, I rode my mountain bike. Excellent cardio, keeps me in shape, and I'm 56.

Your getting the classic arm pump.... it happens to me and I have ridden and raced for 30+ years. The best way to get over that is to ride through it just keep riding, one that that helps a lot is to relax, I know sounds crazy but let up on the death grip on the bars squeeze with your knees on the bike harder and distribute the muscles you are using to hold on to the bike.

Good Luck


As said above, try to get stronger, relax your grip a bit while riding, stretch and eat a banana about a half hour before you ride.You'll gain energy and the potassium is supposed to fight off arm pump.

Use this powerball gyro thing before you go ride. I use it on the way to the track. It will get the blood flowing in your arms. It will help a lot. Use it for 20 minutes solid, (if you can). You'll start to feel it all the way up your arms into your shoulder and even your back muscles will feel it if you can go long enough.

This thing will blow your mind! No BS. The model without the grip is even better for helping grip strength and "clutch" muscles in your fingers. (You 2-smoke guys know what I'm talking about, lol) Works waay better than the spring-grip things.

Check it out:


Its possible that your suspension is out of whack for your weight also making you fight the bike more instead of the shocks absorbing the hits... also first time on a track you were probably really tense.. try to relax adjust the bike, and get in shape one way or the other.

More seat time on that track will go a long ways to solving the problem, I tend to get bad arm pump when Im nervous about riding too fast down a trail (or track)I have never been on, once I know where the turns are and what to expect I can relax and ride but the first run I just tense up a lot more than any other time...

+1 for suspension and fitness. When was the last time the suspension was serviced on your 91? I fondly recall my 91' YZ 250 :-)

Don't panic, riding fitness doesn't just happen. This happens to even the fittest people when they resume or switch sports. Just so happens that riding dirt is physically challenging - as you have discovered.

thanks everyone for responses.i do a lot of cycling all most everyday and running.

my front suspension is perfect serviced recently.back shock is in need of a service as the bladder has a slow leak.(I'm trying to save for a new bike so don't want to spend €150+ on suspension)

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