New Dual Sport Rider

I just bought a 2007 drz 400 and love it so far. I bought a Two Brothers m7 exhaust, but i dont know what to do next. I dont know how to do alot of stuff but i want to get my hands dirts on my bike. I'm going to do the 3x3 mod next and then... i have no clue. None of my friends have fuel injected bikes nor do they have suzuki bikes. So i turn to my DRZ bothers for help.

Thanks in advance.

Well no drz is fuel injected, they are all carburated. The 3x3 andjetting will help but really just ride it and have fun!

Oh, read the FAQ and get case savers and do the lock-tire fixes!

If you do these maintenance "fixes" you will have plenty of chances to get your hands dirty.

Stator and starter clutch Loctite fix

Check your valve clearance (write the clearances down so you can compare in the future)

Install a manual cam chain tensioner

Counter shaft loctite fix

Really depends on how NEW you are to working or tinkering on bikes. If totally green, just learn the basics, general maintenance, oil changes, air filter clean and oil, chain adj. Get comfortable w/ that then, fork oil, tire changes, changing cables, brake pads, bleeding brakes.

You start messing w/ exhaust and 3x3 upgrades, you need to be comfortable getting into the carb and changing jets, plus know why and what to do. It would be nice to have someone to lean on.

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