Bladder vs piston

any advantage one way or the other? does a piston take more nitrogen?

I have taken the guts (shim stack and valve) and reservoir (comp adj) from a 1985 yz250 and in stalled it in my 1985 tt600 shock. would a bladder reservoir be better? building another one and want a little more dampening adjustment. would a heaver oil help, or i need a shim stack (re-valve) ? I don't know what oil wt or nitrogen pressure that was used as i had a local shop do this.

this is just a trail bike (plated) and has drz-400 forks with rt/gold valves and the shock works just fine!

thanks in adv-------

there have been many discussions of about what better, bladder or piston.

i don't have a link handy but you might want to do a search here on TT

objective result is, that there's no real benefit to change the piston against a bladder.

all the talk is with shock mounted reservoir --this is remote reservoir. (old school yam 1985) with the comp. adj on the remote. still would like to know what wt. oil and ng pressure for an old shock like this.

sorry didn't read the part of those questions

2.5wt oil and 145 psi N2

thanks much for the info----

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