What is a 2008 450 XCR-W worth

Just found a 2008 450 XCR-W with 58 hours on it all the usual add-ons, exhaust, jet kit, skid plate, light kit (it is plated), steering damper and bark busters. what do you all think it is worth? I was dead set on buying new, but with so few hours and less than half the price of new it got me thinking!

NADA says avg retail is $3970

KBB is at $4850

the guy is asking $4350

here are the pics:












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its got lots of extras, tire looks good, but the right case shows LOTS of wear from riding, pipe header is dented. I would have to see and ride the bike to make a judgement.

I know the early 08s had issues, what things be sides oil smoke should I look for??

if the bike had problems its probably been fixed but u should know that when u buy a used bike it is what it is.it looks pretty bad.i have that same bike that i ride 200 miles aweek on aaa trails and it dosent look that bad.

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