Difference between '07 & '09 CRF230F?


I've just bought a the 230F on ebay that was advertised as an 09 but since getting the frame number and running a check i'm pretty sure it's an 07. Can anybody tell me if there is any difference in the models?

Thanks in advance

None, It's the same bike. Jeff

I have the 07 and my brother has the 09. The main difference is his has the gripper seat. Also, for some reason, mine runs better uncorked with a 42 pilot and his likes a 45... dont know why as we ride the same elevation.

The fuel tank is smaller in '08 (and after...) :smirk:

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'08 and '09 - Seat is narrower and is a gripper type seat, slightly smaller gas tank, different tank shroud plastics. Other wise the same.

Also, '09 seat is all red with white lettering. '08 seat is black on top and red on the sides with black lettering.

Can you put the 08/'09 seat and tank on the earlier models and the non e start 150Fs?

I would think you could, but I have not tried it.

Thanks for the info guys. Bought the 07 on ebay last night but like I said it was advertised as an 09. Got the VIN number and ran a check to confirm it was 09 and it's showing up as 07. Feel like I payed a bit too much at £1550 :smirk:

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