yz400f or wr400f???

Can i with engine or frame codes somehow find out what modeli have- yz or wr??? Previous owner said one thing, but reading obout specifications is another thing... Maybe anybody can help me???


If I'm not mistaken, the wr has a kickstand! Someone may correct me though!

The wr also has a headlight and taillight! I'm 99% positive on my two responses! Hope I helped!

post some pics

I have headlights, and all wireing for taillights and turn indicators... Also the rim is the

18", like on wr specifications, but in papers the bike is YZ400F...

Is there headlight for yz models???

There is my Yamaha:

The yz has no lights, nor a charging system! I'd say u have a wr, the yz, I believe, is a straight up motocross bike, it shouldn't even have a reserve on the fuel tank!

I'd say a Wr400....I had one too and I striped it down to a YZ spec. Check the pigtail clip below the right side of the gas tank, if it has a 3 wires and one of them is grey.....it is a WR.

If you somehow determine it is a WR then clip the grey wire and tape it off to give YZ mapping along with retarding one tooth on the exhaust cam to give it some zing! The time mark on the cam should be at the 1 oclock position.

Also, a sure sign of a WR spec is mushy suspension if it was bone stock.

ok thanks or the help, when i will be home, i will check for the grey wire....

Once i tried to retard one tooth on exhaust cam, but after that bike didnt start with kickstarter, so i place cam on stock position...

Using frame and motor code yamaha dealer said that is wr400f....

Thanks for the help guys...

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