PJ Larsen


I am not one to put too much stock into lap times, really I could care less BUT I am pumped right now. PJ Larsen is back from Auzzi w/ 2 championships and led the 1st timed practice. :rant: He is ahead of Wilson, Barcia, Wharton, Baggett, Izzi. Go get em PJ :smirk:


yea his time looks like he is back

Does anyone know where you can view the times, I was just lucky and caught the live timing session. Where do they post all of the times?


^^^^^^Thanks. I went there but I must have been too early because there was nothing posted earlier.


18th place finish due to mech issues. He actually pulled off and into the mech's area. What a huge disapointment after a great day of practice.


He was right on Wilson in the heat, but went down in the main when Malcom Stewart block passed him on the first lap. They both went down, actually.

Larsen looked on it until that incident with MS.

I was reposting what RacerX posted. I got to watch the race tonight and saw what happened. It looked like Malcom took the inside and couldn't hold it and went waaay wide and ruined PJ's night. It's too bad, because PJ was riding great that night.


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