after bottom end rebuild> i have problems

so i just had my case split apart and replaced all of the bearings in the bottom end. i put the cases back together today and put the shifter on to check and make usre the trans was going to be working right and while it is in neutral everything turns just fine but as soon as i put ti into gear it rotates about half a turn and then locks up?? i can rotate it backwards a half turn also and it does the same thing.

Any ideas???

what bike and yr and what r u rotating to check?

2001 yz 250. i put the small sproket back on the motor to check it. i am rotating it while i shift it into gear and as soon as it goes into gear it locks up

well thats actually normal.Because of the gearing It is very very hard to rotate the motor from that sproket. Ever tryed to push your bike while in gear? You get the idea.

Another way to teast if trans ok is to rotate everything using the kick starter.Take your spark plug out and rotate evrything with kick start lever. If you have the cyclender still off you can rotate everything by spinning the crank.

i would totally agree with you, but the clutch and piston are not installed so it isn't trying to turn the crank.

Try the "pop" method. Use a rubber dead blow mallet and give each shaft a hit. This will seat the shafts to where they should be,one might be in a bind.

Hmm , ok well you say it does shift in and out of gear right ? Does it shift in both 1st and 2nd?

Yep it will shift through all of the gears. i'm not one hundred percent shur that i have the shift forks in the right direction. pictures would help a ton so i am going to split the case again and check it out

Hi there

did you mix up those forks?



I think it would be pretty hard to mix up the shift forks, but I guess it could happen.

Turning the trans with the clutch removed should be no problem.

If you can get it to shift into 1-5, you should be right with the forks.

Did you disassemble the trans from the main and counter shaft while they were out?

You have have assembled something backwards, etc.

The fact that it shifts through all the gears is interesting. Usually this would be imposable if you cannot spin the shafts.

Good idea to pull it back apart. Check your shift linkage also. Once I put a trans together and the linkage between the shift lever shaft and the shift drum was not in properly. It felt like it was shiftng but it really wasnt.

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