How much does it cost to fix a KX 250 fried engine and clutch

How much to do it by your self and how much does it cost to do it at a kawi dealer

Dealer? Heh, just buy a new bike... That's about what they'll charge you.

Can you please give us more details than "fried engine"??

What is the bike doing or not doing? What happened? We need more information to help you out.

Help "US" help you.


You could find out by doing a search here.

It costs nothing but parts if you do it yourself.

If you go to a dealer, they will charge you 9 million dollars.

Top and bottom end rebuilt kit $450, cylinder replate $200, clutch basket $200,clutch plates and springs $85, clutch inner hub $85, gaskets, sealants and other assorted bs $50. $1070 in parts assuming everything is toasted. Can't speak about dealer labor charges as I don't allow them to touch my bikes.

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