Which chain and sprockets???????????

OK, there seam to be a lot of threads on this subject so I don't think starting a new one would be a big deal. I maintain 5 dirtbikes and seam to adjusting chains and buying sets all the time. I used an o-ring chain setup a while back and can't remember if they last longer. What is the best longest lasting setup that does not require constant adjusting? My current chain on my 1999 RM250 needs adjusting after almost every ride. That's a couple hours of so. It was a cheaper chain so I guess you get what you pay for. I don't mind spending more money if it last a long time. I just got a 2007 YZ250 that will eventually need a new chain and sprockets, so I want to get the best. What should I get???

So do o-ring chains last longer and stretch less often? Are the sprockets specific to the type of chain used, o-ring vs. non o-ring? Which are very good. I seams Rental chains are not very good.


I've heard LOTS of good things on the Regina 520-ORN6 o-ring chain.


I just got one off the TT store to support Thumpertalk, but they price match. So, you can save around $20 if you browse around a little bit. (around $76)

I just went with stock sprockets for my YZ426, since I don't really ride that much and the stock sprockets will likely last me a few years. The chain will wear out the sprockets much more than the other way around.

I run the rk x ring chain with the supersprox front and rear sprocket. I put the combo on in 2008 I have hundred of hours on the bike and have adjusted the chain once. The rear sprocket has zero wear on it. And i have replaced the front once. I would recommend them to anyone.

The rear sprocket has a lifetime warranty on it against wear.

i have an RK Xring with a vortex rear sproket and after 30 hrs of sandy/muddy riding there is very little wair on it. the chain has streached a few times, but that hasent happend latly.

I have been running the Moose 520 FB O-Ring Chain...with Tag Metal sprockets...I have had great luck with this o-ring chain....it very seldom needs adjusted....

i am not sure about the chain thing but i have heard alot and i mean alot of incredible things about the ironman sprockets.

Ironman sprockets + DID X-ring chain = Least required maintenance!


Sounds good guys. Keep it coming. After reading some other posts, I thought I was heading in the direction of renthal sprockets and a protaper o-ring chain. Looks like I have some other opinions here to consider as well. I read in a couple places that Ironman sprockets are really good but at the same time have caused some hub breaking issues. Is this true or just myth?

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