timing marks not flush with head

i recently did a top end on my 09 kx 450 and when i was lining up my timing marks at tdc, my exh mark was a hair below flush with head and int was just the opposite being a hair high of flush...... seems to me if i rotated both cams equally clockwise a hair then both would be flush with the head,but then my tdc mark on flywheel would not be lined up in window. im allmost positive thats how it was when i took it apart but needed some expert advice:worthy:

i did count 29 pins between the 2 marks so im good there,i just dunno why its not perfect like my service manual shows...........

it will be flush with the head when you tighten the camchain...

I did tightenthe cam chain.

If the cam marks can be made level (with the head), then the cams are timed correctly relative to each other.

Sounds like there is either two much chain length on the rear side, which could only mean a tensioner problem (as gv wrote), or else the flywheel might not be aligned on the crank correctly by the keyway piece.

Either the woodruff key at the flywheel have failed.The cam is is overly stretched and you have both cams 1 tooth advanced,your cam chain is not tight or you have installed the cam chain guide/sliders wrong.Most likely the two latter reasons.

Take a picture to show how much the alignment is off.If I remember correctly the exhaust cam is 100% leveled with the head and the intake is slightly above.Has been like that since new.

It is virtually impossible to get them dead horizontal. Yours sounds like its 'good to go'.

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