DRZ400 to MX, 125 or 250?

Ive been riding a DRZ400 and considering buying a MX bike for this summer. I ride a little bit of everything, woods, trails and track. Most of the guys I ride with have now bought MX bikes and its time for me too. Im thinking about getting a 2 stoke 125 or 250. I'm 5'8 170lbs and im looking to get faster, build confidence and become an overall better rider. What would you recommend?

I come from a car background and understand the progession of how to teach someone the correct way to become a good driver. Can someone explain the progression for MX?

riding a 2stroke teaches you to not be lazy.if you went with a 125 2t at first and then switched to a 250f,youd be faster vs starting out on the 250f.at your weight i would start out with a 250f though or a 250 2t,those bikes would carry your weight best.a 125 will feel under powered.

250 smoker. Since youve been on a bike and Im assuming know how to ride one, you should be able to get used to the 250. They are a handful of power though.. I'm light about 140 pounds, and the thing pulls me around hard.

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