1993 xr 200 wont start

i just cleaned the carb it has compression and spark and it didnt run before i cleaned the carb either.

Try some starting fluid.

How did it run before and when did it last run?

it ran great before. Its been sitting. I tried starting fluid but it didnt help


Please help!

I would make sure you are getting air-fuel-compression and spark. And the right amounts at the right time. Also make sure the valve timming is right and the valves are set right. Make sure the air filter is clean and your exhaust is not stoped up or pluged. I have seen that before-dirt dobbers pluged up the exhaust, also seen them full of water from sitting outside.


If a motor won't start after sitting stored then the most likely cause is something happened during storage; as Tx-Tom said one possibility is a plugged exhaust from a mud dabber.

Another is a fouled air filter or air box, I found a mouse nest in an air filter with so much debris that the filter was plugged.

Number one on the list is bad gas and/or a carb that has plugged passages from bad gas, usually from a long sit. But fouling can also be caused by a series of relatively short storage periods, each one adding deposits to the carb passages. I've had carbs that took several cleaning attempts so I put together this. Carb cleaning

I seldom find ignition problems but I did acquire a habit from my 2T days; install a new plug each spring. The Honda ignition doesn't put out much spark so checking can be difficult, but you should be able to see a good spark on a new plug while inside a garage. I have encountered problems with the plug wire connection to the plug boot. If you have no spark with a new plug, unscrew the boot from the wire and cut 1/4" off the wire and re install the boot.

My suggestion on using starting fluid was to determine if the problem was fuel delivery (if it started) or something else like ignition or compression. A quick check on compression is to hold a gloved finger on the plug hole and kick over the engine, if you can't contain the pressure the bike should have enough compression to start.

Make sure you pilot jet is not stoped up-it has a very small hole in it and if you hold it up to the light and can not see threw it-it is pluged up. That is VERY commond if I bike sits up. And if the gas was not run out of the carb when it was put up. It is just habit for me-but I always turn the gas off (the fuel petcock) when I stop. And I always run the card dry when putting my bikes up.

Something else to look at I have seen beside a mouse or rat nest in airboxes, have found where someone let a paper towel or rag in the back of the carb or in the intake port.


Thanks for the suggestions i will look into water in the exhaust. all jets are clear and the airfilter is fine. Also the bike has good compression. And there is spark and i tried a new plug. Thanks for the replies ill look next time i go to my friends house.

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