ignition switch add-on

Want to install an ignition switch on this Honda (see wiring diagram).

Should I have the ignition switch interrupt (key off) the red/black wire between the alternator and cdi? Or the black/yellow between the cdi and coil?



Is your ignition switch "normally open", or "normally closed"?

key off-open, key on-closed circuit?

You could put it between the CDI & ground, so no voltage passes through the switch. With no battery or lights to worry about leaving on, you could put the switch several places, any of which will work to keep the bike from starting without the key.

If the switch is key off-closed, key on-open; you could parallel it with the existing kill switch. (or replace it)

I like XLR8R's idea of controlling the ground for several reasons. If the switch does go bad on the trail or you lose the key just jump the post to ground and you can get back to the truck. Reason 2 is switches tend to not last as long when you put higher current thru them and last longer when controlling a ground. Depending on the current rating of the switch and the current going thru the red/black or yellow/black wire you might want to incorporate a relay into the system

The switch has two seperate circuits, both open when key is off (and closed key on).

I currently have the lights wired to one of the circuits, and was not sure about the best way to use the key switch to "kill" the bike as the kill switch is normally open and this key switch is closed key on.

So if I understand right, wire the key switch up so that the ground to the cdi box is open-key-off and closed-key-on. This seems like it will work, I guess I can also disconnect the cdi ground and try to start it a a test.

Thanks for the input guys!

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