Roczen rocking the 350!


Looks like he should get a top ten with no problem at all he is running great in practice

If top ten was no problem Dungey wouldn't be sweating his #1 now would he??

Well of course Nothing is easy but I think it says something to finish 7 or 8 whatever it was in his second practice on a 350 that he does not even race and he is in the 450 classHe did better than reed even

I haven't watched it yet, but nice finish for sure! It was nice to see him finish well and not get hurt.

Also, Malcom Stewart seems kind of like a punk on Bubba's World, but pretty darned impressive for him to finish second in his heat his first time out. Wow! He definitely knows someone with a good program, so he could also end up being a great rider. We'll see.

We could have the male motocross version of the Williams sisters in tennis in a few years.

So the kid KR beat JS straight up with 100cc less and MS finished 14th? pretty rough weekend for the JS7 crew.

JS will come back, but who knows if MS was just hype.

this season is awsome. will be good to see stewart come back next weekend and prove that it was a fluke.

Interesting outcome to this experiment. Now we are up to speculate if this will light a fire under Short and Alessi. It seemed to be the case...

I will have to watch the race, as I'm going off of the internet news. Better deal to see the results in action versus just reading them.


yeh, i will watch it tonight, off to race now. great morning for a 3hr endurance mx race.

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