XL600R Carb Kits

I have finished putting my motor back together, next is the carbs. They will require a good cleaning and a rebuild. I have not yet found a carb kit for these bikes......any ideas?

Night_train01...If you happen to make any kind of sense out of that Sudco page and locate some useable bits from their site let us know via here will you. I did have a look and all I found was a needle and a few jets. Kits for the twin carb 600s are a rare find..I've seen none anywhere,,even the bloke down here who does numerous kits for older bikes doesn't have them..More or less comes down to buying individual bits from Honda if they still stock them,,a lot of the parts for the internals they do not..Rubber gaskets for the bottom bowls is what I'm after..Haven't found any yet anywhere..rest of the jets/needles etc I can get from other sources individually..just not the gaskets...I've taken to making them out of gasket paper laying that over the top of the original rubber slot gaskets but they aren't ideal..Original I want..

You can get the gaskets from cyclepartsnation in a kit for 24 bucks a carb. and the air cut off valve is also available, yours is probably bad,if you look at it close it will I bet have a hole in it,it will just look like a small blemish. A strand of wire will clean the jets, no real reason to replace them.Oh yea the air cut valve....50 bucks I know I just bought one,good thing it's only on one carb. You know for a mear 530 buks you could buy carbs from honda,(yea right,thats nuts)

Dynojet makes a kit for em that will improve performance and eliminate the stock lean condition and associated flame outs....

Thanks Thumpharder..Checked out CyclePartsNation and see they have them..I really only want the two rubber bowl gaskets as I make new paper top ones myself..Now to work out how I pay them and if they ship to far flung places like NZ..I'll email them for some info. Actually want 8 of those rubber jobs to cover all the 600s I own..

ok well cmsnl.com in the netherlands also has them,I have bought from them here in the states,exchange was a killer,but I needed what they had and only they had it. carb kits are 25 euros from them

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