Outlaw 90cc wont start


My kid outgrew his Polaris Outlaw 90 and also outgrew wanting to ride at all. Anyway, the quad has been sitting for basically two years.

I went to start it and one thing, battery is dead. Lucky it has a kick start but after about 40 kicks and be being out of breath it didn't start. So I drained the gas, put in fresh gas and put in a new spark plug to no avail :smirk:

Then I check to see if it was even sparking and nope... :rant:

That is basically the limits of my knowledge, what do I do next? I don't want to have to take it somewhere and I want to sell a running quad

Try jumping it with jumper cables. Mine is pretty dependent on something that will at least pretend to hold a charge. Make sure the tether is seated.

is it safe to jump it with a car?

Also check the tether kill switch. The one on my Scrambler 90 started getting flakey.

yeah, i check the teather. even took it off and pressed the button with my finger

Yes safe to jump with car. It is 12 volt system. What we mean by checking the tether switch is to make sure you have continuity through the switch either with a test light, multimeter or jumper around the switch.

Also I have found on two of my polaris minis 50 & 90, drop the header down and they fire right up, but with no spark, this wont matter. I think im just rambling.

A couple of things to take into consideration. If the battery is completely dead, it may not start even with a kick start. If it is wired to be run with a battery, (unlike a bike), then the battery provides some current.

If it has been sitting, you need to pull off the carb and clean it. The jets, specifically the pilot jet can become plugged from bad fuel, and create havoc. Cleaning these little carbs is easy, just take your time. Make sure the air filter is clean and unobstructed. And last but not least, check the wiring. Rodents love to find their pesky little way into the wiring, and chew away, let alone making nests in air boxes, intakes, etc.

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