5k tips

I've been training for my 1st 5k for a week now, I'm using the Couch to 5k app on my Ipod. It seems to be going well although I'm not sure how fast I should be going. Currently I walk @ 3mph and jog/run @4.5 (I have a treadmill in the garage)this seems to be a good pace and I'm not too exhausted after a session. Should I stick with this for a couple weeks and then start bringing up the running speed? What would be a good "race pace" to aim for?

Does anyone have experience with the Nike+ system for the Ipod? is it worth the money and time spent learning how another gadget works?



When is your first race? I know you live in Minn. but the the first thing you need to do it get off the treadmill! Dont worry about your speed, enjoy your first 5K. I'd shoot for distance first, make sure that you're able to run a good 6-7k before getting in the race. Also, you can look at race results from last year in your age group to see what kind of pace you need to be at.

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