What forks will work on 08 crf450r

I went to change springs and when unbolting the rebound center bolt it stripped the threads, so now looking for forks. What year will work on a 08?

Seems like it'd be a lot cheaper just to fix the ones you have

I dunno about showas but a new cartridge rod for my kyb's was only $50

I thought that at first also, but the lower is $267.00, I can get a pair of 07 forks for $375 or 08 for $400

oh I thought you stripped the rod


the older ones fit from 05 upwards i believe.And they are setup better than the harsh 08.

I found a 21x1 and a 22x1 tap I am going to try this before getting another set of forks, alot cheaper this way :smirk:

fixed a 22x1 tap and we are good to go and saved about $300.00 after new rebound clicker and fork seals

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