Slip-on pipes...need jetting

hey guys looking to ge myself pc slip on (dont reply if your gonna tell me something about a different brand!) but for now i want to know if i need to be rejetted the bike is a 2010 any help is appreciated!!!

pics for clicks


What is the bike running like now? Have you changed any of the jetting at all?........

the bike has literally 3 hrs on it havent changed it at all

OK...I had to rejet my bike....even before I put the pipe did not run that well...It is typical that most KX250F's are to rich on the top and to lean on the bottom....Put the PC muffler on the bike and see what happens.....About eveybody on the KX250F forum here at TT has had to go larger on the pilot jet.....

thanks man ill see what happens

jetting would be very close pc pipe or stock. but the kaw jetting stock needs to be fixed here on the east coast. i run 42 pilot in summer 45 till it gets hot. ncys or ncyr needle. 175 - 180 main . put those jets in and see what a difference it makes i would even ride mine without jetting it first.

was that pic at mototown? your bike ideled in this weather with a 40 pilot in it?

lol yes she ran very nice and the day of that pic it was 4 fegrees in the facility on the race day!

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