Boothill Race

Well, we had the Boothill national points race this past Sunday, did anybody race is event.. How was the course? Any details?


I worked it, from what the B's and C's said they loved it. The A guys liked it but they had an butt kicker of a hill climb at the end that was covered in hail. They all, even the National AA guys were teaming up to get bikes to the top.

I did that race years ago and they had tons of downed aspens everywhere. All these people got stuck and we were lifting bikes over the trees to get around the group. What a pain in the butt.

I rode it in the super senior C class so I just rode the short course. But it was a hair over 70 ground miles. I think the A riders did over 120 miles after resets. It was really a well organized and well run event. I had heard a lot about how tough it was supposed to be but I have ridden several in Texas that I thought were tougher Sounds like the A course was challengeing though. There were a couple of tough places that got bottlenecked because it was big slick rocks and guys were floundering around on them and blocking the course and I got off my bike and helped push 3 scooters over the obstacle and was surprised that nobody else was helping and just sitting there losing time. But we were on the back rows and I think there was a lack of experience there. I cleared the section on one try with no help after admonishing some of the guys for just sitting there. It was a fabulous place to run an enduro. Great scenery and a wide variety of terain. Everything from open high mountain meadows to dark gremlin infested pine forests. Starting line was at 10000 feet and I think we hit close to 12000 feet. Some of the A riders did get caught out in the rain but for the most part the weather was terific. Many thanks to the Guys at Throttle Head as they were the main organizers and deserve our economic support. Tim

Many thanks to the Guys at Throttle Head as they were the main organizers and deserve our economic support.

I second that, I wasn't at the race but Throttle Head is good stuff. :)


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