Dr d pipe

Hey guys I just ordered a dr d full system for my 07yz450f I was wondering if i need to rejet and where I can find info on it

we cant help you with jetting until youve put the pipe on bike on the bike and you have ridden it.then we can help!:smirk:

How will I know if it needs to be rejetted

When i had my 06 and bought the full DRD system and put it on it would throw a flame out the pipe about 2 feet.

I called DRD and Doug said it was to lean and to move the needle clip up one notch (i believe) which ever way richens it and also went up one size in main jet.

You will just have to wait and see how it runs when you put it on. If it throws a flme out the pipe you will know it is to lean. Just call them up cause they will be glad to help.

Check out their web-site cause I believe they have a chart on there somewhere of YZ's and what jetting they recomend for what model

Thanks bro

How will I know if it needs to be rejetted

yeah if its too lean flames will be shooting of out the pipe.if it was too rich,your bike would be bogging.if you need to re-jet,believe me you will be able to tell and then either call them up or post another thread up and explain what your problems are,then we can help.:smirk:

Thanks for all your help

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