new 07 crf450 price

My local dealer has two 2007 crf450s for sale , does $ 5000.00 sound about right on price? They are brand new. Just curious since they are four years old if that sounds like a good deal!

Sounds a bit high to me. There were guys getting leftover 09's for that much when the 10's came out.

Price average used 07's in your area. Then what is it worth to you knowing no one beat it. I would add no more than 600 to 700 for new but that is just me. You can usually find a nice used bike that someone has hardly ridden if your patient.

thats too much IMO

Go get an 08 or 09 for that not a 07.

^^^i agree.maybe not even that much $.for an 07 id think around 3800-4500$.

That's a horrible price. A new '09 goes for 5K. A used '07 in nice shape goes for $2800. That's what your new '07 will be worth after one lap.

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